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Becoming one of our affiliates is the best bet to earning extra income from VITALFUNDS INVESTMENT LTD. You have the opportunity to earn a 5% Referral Commission (RC) for first level from your direct downliner and 3% Referral Commission for second level or indirect downliner.


Example: If you invite someone to VITALFUNDS and he/she deposits $10,000, you will be rewarded with $700 commission and it will be paid to your VITALFUNDS account. You can withdraw your commission at any time and it will be paid to your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money or Payer account instantly. The commission you earn can be spent or deposited to earn more money.

NOTE: 1a. You do not need to have active investment or deposit before you could earn or spend your referral commission. All accounts are eligible to withdraw any commission earned either directly or indirectly.

1b. Each account has its unique referral link that you can use to promote VITALFUNDS and earn reward.

2a. Referral Commission withdrawal is processed instantly. We do not blink an eye while doing this. All commissions are paid directly to the registered wallet accounts or addresses. You should make sure you set up your wallet account or address before requesting withdrawals.

2b. You can also invest your Referral Commission (RC) to available Investment Plans and Packages to earn more return. You are the sole custodian of every commission you earn in MVITALFUNDS.

2c. We do not give special bonuses to affiliates except when you become a Leader or an approved Representative in your region.


On the second level, you will get rewarded for the efforts of people you invite, that invite someone or more people to VITALFUNDS INVESTMENT LTD. You will earn a commission of 3% for each deposit made by your indirect downliner. Encourage your downliners to be proactive by introducing VITALFUNDS to their family and friends, by promoting VITALFUNDS on their timeline.

Example: If someone your direct downliner invited to VITALFUNDS invests $10,000, you will be rewarded with $300. Every effort has its reward in VITALFUNDS and each reward or commission earned can be withdrawn with no restrictions.

NOTE: Every benefit bestowed on FIRST LEVEL AFFILIATE also rests on the shoulders of the SECOND LEVEL AFFILIATE.

1a. This implies that you can withdraw every commission you earn from VITALFUNDS without restrictions. Commission withdrawal will be processed instantly with speed of light.

1b. No active deposit required to earn. Simply open an account, copy and share your referral link, and earn passive income.

1c. You can invest commission earned to available investment offers.



1. Create an account on VITALFUNDS

2. Log in to your account and click on Affiliate link

3. Copy your affiliate link and share with your friends and family. Share it on social media networks, WhatsApp status and other mediums.

4. When someone you invite makes a deposit, you will receive a 10% Instant Commission.

You can spend or invest the commission you earn and you can earn your first commission TODAY!


Our partners and representatives earn as high as 20% accumulative commission. You are required to have at least 50 to 100 downliners to become our approved Representative and Partner.

There are many benefits attached to becoming our representative. More bonuses, more rewards, more commissions await our partners.

To become our representative in your region, Contact Live Support team.