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Value creation is our watchword and we make sure every detail counts...

Over the years, we became faithful workers in the field of financial services and Blockchain ecosystem with the aim of creating financial balance under the umbrella called Vital Funds.

Vital Funds Investment Ltd is a reliable assets and investment management Company based in the South Africa.

We have proven ourselves beyond all reasonable doubts through hard work, consistent and unalloyed services rendered to our valued clients. Our unique motive and approach is to make profits for investors through Foreign Exchange trading, Forex Account Management and Crypto-currencies Mining.

Undoubtedly, we are the first company to develop a simulative trading ROBOT that could operate on the Blockchain Ecosystem without help of a human.



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Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to develop the world's best trading system, a ROBOT that could systematically trade on Forex and Crypto Markets, and make a huge profit without the input of a human. We call it The Omega AI MAX... The success of Vital Funds as a company cannot be overemphasized and is evident to high accuracy in Financial management by our team of experts. Team of 21 Financial Professionals working together since 2005 from the streets of London. Nevertheless, we are global now with thousands of clients in our database from over 200 countries around the world.

In the 2018 to 2019 trading sessions, we made a whopping 2477% ROI (Return on Investment) with all the capital traded. This is the biggest return recorded by a single firm in a downstream financial sector in South Africa. We are happy to let you know that Vital Funds Investment Ltd is currently managing more than Sixty-six Million, Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($66,850,000) in total assets with an average daily return of more than Five Million, One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($5,100,000) every trading Day. Bear in mind, value creation is who we are...

Meet our most valued

Expert Team Members

VITALFUNDS executives and other stock owners filed with the SEC include:

Junior Lethabo- Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
EMMANUEL ESEBAME- Financial Director, Executive Director
ZHONGYING HOU- Trading Director Executive Director
Mary Mpho- Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director
Jardine Burger- Non-Executive Director
William Johan- Independent Non-Executive Chairman
Russell Jard- Independent Non-Executive Director
Grant Kane- Independent Non-Executive Director
Michael Rodriguez- Non-Executive Director
Paballo Mako- Independent Non-Executive Director
Thomas Winter- Independent Non-Executive Director
Amanda Nzima- Independent Non-Executive Director
Thandie Mashego- Independent Non-Executive Director
Bomela Lethabo- Independent Non-Executive Director
Louis Leon Von- Independent Non-Executive Director
Zelda Roscherry- Non-Executive Independent Director
Mason low- Company Secretary
Gert Kruger- Group Chief Risk Officer


GUARANTEES Every learning curve, every trading stress, every tear of financial loss is gone as we are making millions of Dollars in trading and our investors are so happy with our efforts. More so, we are confident in who we are and what we do, in generating tons of high returns for our investors. Be part of this great highly powerful innovation of the decade, The Omega AI era.

Once again, I present to YOU Vitalfunds Investment Ltd.